Welcome to Peckenpaugh Angus


Welcome to Peckenpaugh Angus. We Thank You for taking time and showing interest in our program! We started raising Registered Angus cattle in the 1997. Being in the purebred cattle business isn't new for our family. Our family has been it since 1936 raising Registered Herefords. 1997 the Registered Angus came along and we are proud to be raising Angus cattle and home to about 200 Registered Angus cows now. We also run a large group of commercial cows along with farming. These cows don't get a full time herd manager, they work with our busy schedule and raise their calves like we think cows should.

We raise and sell virgin 2 year old bulls. We feel the 2 year olds go out and cover more cows, stronger semen concentration, and last longer during a normal breeding season. We don't push the bulls hard after weaning, we let them grow up. They run on pasture as yearlings and learn to move around and get exercise while growing and not being pushed hard. We sort hard and work for uniformity, good disposition, maternal traits bred in them, and correctness. We don't offer the entire bull crop at auction. We like bulls with little frame to them and length, length adds pounds, pounds add dollars. We don't chase all the top A.I. sires, we use a few popular bulls but we use bulls that fit our program and will do what want in cattle and will sire bulls that we would use on our own cows.

We stand behind our cattle and enjoy working with customers and making friends long the way. We look forward to meeting and making new customers and friends long the way. The appreciation we have for our customers is high and we work hard to give you the best animal we can. So Thank You for helping us grow along the way and we look forward to the future with you!

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